The need to seek knowledge beyond the walls of the classroom is essential. The well-stocked library caters to the avid reading needs of the students and it provokes young minds to broaden their horizons.

Our library is well stocked with newspapers, magazines and books and cater to every need of our school children.In a world of inter connectivity, computers play an important role, The school has a well equipped computer lab for the use of students. The theory and the practical classes attended by the students enable them to expand their horizon of knowledge. The lab is well equipped with fast internet enabled, networked computers. Computer sessions and internet access are monitored and supervised by the computer teachers who aid and guide the students.A place where chemical reactions can spark the mind, where experiments make theory come alive! Our laboratories are equipped with not just the best facilities, but also staff who inspire our students.The bright and spacious classrooms are extremely conducive for learning. The concept of e-learning is accorded priority. To this end some class rooms are provided with a smart board connected to a CPU.A multi-purpose hall caters to various programmes and a variety of events held throughout the academic year.